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The KOCF Volunteers would like to thank the following donors for their contribution to the 2nd Annual Spring Silent Auction and Fundraising Shindig.  Without donors, listeners and supporters KOCF 92.5fm  would not exist.  We enjoy existing and serving the Fern Ridge Community.

Peter Ames
Bella Soaps
Canna Royale
Steve LaRiccia
Charles Smith Winery
Park Street Cafe
The Potters Candle
Underway, LLC
Michael Scagnelli
Kenneth Standhardt Studios
Wally and Lisa Bowen
Kate Davidson
Peggy Day
Sherry Fisher
Jane Harrison
Diane McWhorter
Marcy Middleton
Tom Noddy
Marshall Peter
Francine Six
Martha Sherwood
Jeremy Smith
Craig Sodeburg
J. Ruta

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