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Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for an energetic person to recruit and manage KOCF volunteers. You will be responsible for allocating responsibilities and retaining the best people.

It takes a competent leader to succeed in this profession. You should know how to distinguish talent and do everything possible to motivate and inspire. You must possess excellent organizational skills and ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and experience.

The goal is to ensure that our organization is always staffed with the best and most reliable individuals, and that they are correctly utilized for the fulfilment of our mission.


  • Responsibilities

    • Source and recruit volunteers through various techniques (databases, e-mail, social media etc.)
    • Collect information on availabilities and skills
    • Arrange for appropriate training when needed
    • Produce schedules for everyday activities
    • Assign responsibilities to the right people for special events
    • Coordinate teams of volunteers for large-scale fundraisers
    • Communicate frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and well-placed
    • Disseminate information for upcoming actions and events
    • Keep detailed records of volunteers’ information and assignments
    • Εnsure the purpose of the organization and its actions is clearly communicated

If your are interested and would like more information please contact Dean Middleton, KOCF Station Manager.


Annual Auction Master

We are looking for someone to coordinate our annual auction.


  • Coordinate and lead a team whose responsibility is to solicit, pick up, wrap and transport donations.
  •  Identify local businesses and past donors to be solicited and assign individuals with corresponding relationships and assign contact responsibility.
  • Also assign contact responsibility for a specialist
  • Solicit parish and school families for donations
  • Ensure all follow up post-event is executed
  • Determine which items are live and which are silent.
  • Identify auctioneer and send Live Auction Package
  • Coordinate with brochure coordinator to insert content into catalog. Proof and finalize.

If your are interested and would like more information please contact Dean Middleton, KOCF Station Manager.

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