KOCF Wally BowenWally Bowen has had a lifelong passion for music and the ownership and operation of a small music store in Yerington, Nevada, which expanded his musical interests beyond his early influences of 60’s folk, rock and country rock. In 2008, Wally was asked to host a music show for the local radio station, KSVL. He named it “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”. He also hosted another show called “The KSVL Music Hour”, which features a different artist or group.   He and his wife moved to Oregon in 2014 and Wally joined KOCF in the summer of 2015, bringing his shows to local audiences. He is proud to host his 2 shows on KOCF, “What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been” and “The KOCF Music Hour”.

andy Goldfinger music gumboAndy Goldfinger has a long musical history on and off the air. He has been fortunate to interview the likes of Graham Nash, Albert Lee, Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa, Ozomatli, Paul Barrere and David Lindley to name a few. Andy also spent many years at KCSN FM in Los Angeles while splitting time producing and promoting concerts throughout the city. Andy has been involved with several charities including the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association, yearly participation in Pedal on the Pier, and the emcee for the Merry Minstrel Circus Holiday Gathering at the Troubadour in Hollywood which benefits LA high school music programs. KOCF is a great family and Andy is ecstatic at being welcomed into the family.

deanOG_croppedDean Grabski aka: Dean-OG has been a Jamband music fanatic since the 70’s.  His involvement in sharing music started with the recording and trading of live concerts over 40 years ago.  A lifelong fan of the magic of radio, he grew up listening to hosts like the great Jean Shepherd and Wolfman Jack. Dean-OG has supported the local music scene through a short gig on the WOW hall board of directors, conception of the WOW Hall logo and as a business sponsor of the WOW for over 10 years. After a brief stint in radio in the early 90’s with KSMT in Breckenridge Colorado, Dean-OG is excited to be back on the air and to have a new home for sharing music at KOCF.

KOCF Randy PainterRandy Painter has been the control room operator for Lane Community College’s cable TV channel since the late-1980s. He has a background in audio production in both the field and studio. His radio experience comes mostly from a hobby, “DXing,” the art of receiving long distance stations. He has been building mix tapes and CDs for decades.  Randy also “gets his kicks” on old highways and quirky roadside attractions.  His show, “Radio Archive,” is derived from mostly unedited vintage recordings of music radio, the kind most of us grew up with. It’s “old time radio” for boomers.

marshallpeterMarshall Peter, a newcomer to radio, has loved playing music for friends ever since high school and has always been expected to bring the records, tapes or cds for parties and events. His musical tastes and collection are all over the place with a strong representation of blues, garage bands, psychedelia, oddities, soul, and jazz. His show, “Jumpin’ In and Out of the Blues”, will dial in precision strikes from this eclectic mishmash to deliver consistent aural pleasure.  Marshall, the founder and Ooh Papa Dida of Falafelism in the early days of the Oregon Country Fair, is delighted to have joined the KOCF team.

audreyturakAudrey Turak, Community Calendar Programmer, KOCF Radio Programming and Development has over 35 years of experience in business development, marketing, management, and community involvement through hosting radio talk shows that are of particular interest to the community such as “State of the Construction on Industry”, “Ask A Pro”, and “Holiday Children’s Story Hour”.
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