Weekday Schedule

Alternative Radio: Tuesday & Thursday @ 9pm

Blue Suede Connection: Thursday @ 4pm

Community Calendar: Monday thru Friday @ 6am, Noon, 4pm

Concrete Rock: Monday & Friday @ 9pm

Country/Americana: Tuesday @ 4pm

Democracy Now: Monday thru Friday @ 11am & 11 pm

Falcon Radio: Monday thru Friday 12:30-1:30pm

Funk & Soul Revue: Wednesday @ 6pm

Golden Days of Radio: Monday thru Friday @ 10pm

The Jazz Café: Wednesday @ 4pm

Jumpin In and Out Of the Blues: Monday & Friday @ 4pm

Live From the Oregon Country Fair: Wednesdays @ 8pm

Long Strange Trip: Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm

Music Gumbo:  Monday & Friday @ 6pm

Play It Again: Tuesday & Thursday @ 8pm

Train of Thought with Rob Tobias: Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm

Weekend Schedule

C & C Auto Show: Saturday & Sunday @ 11am

Dr. Yeti: Saturday and Sunday @ 10pm

Free Formations: Saturday and Sunday @ 8pm

KOCF Music Hour: Saturday & Sunday @ 1pm

Radio Archive: Saturday & Sunday @ Noon

Reverb: Saturday & Sunday @ 2pm

The Sound Experiment: Saturday & Sunday @ Midnight

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