Join KOCF on April 20th to help the radio station raise funds to begin a two year project to increase our power so we can be heard in the lower Willamette valley. As part of that project KOCF will be changing frequencies from 92.5FM to 92.7FM. This new channel will not have interference from another LPFM on 92.5FM just 14 ½ miles away.

The party will be at Whirled Pies starting about 4pm on April 20th and going into the wee hours. Opening Band is Beat Crunchers followed up by the headliner Dragon Rose Caravan. The door is a sliding scale. There will be a 50/50 raffle and a couple of goodie basket raffles. All the proceeds go to the KOCF Transmitter Fund.

Did I mention that we are changing frequencies? KOCF is moving to 92.7FM on April 20th and after months of studying what the FCC would allow us to do we have requested and received a permit to move to that new frequency. 92.7FM is a very quiet frequency, that is, there are very few competing signals in our area on that frequency. We will be making the switch over during the transmitter party!

We have been working on our web site and by sometime in the next couple of weeks we hope to be unveiling our new Logo and website look. Check our website out at KOCF.ORG. Some of the new features will include bios and photos of our station DJs. Also the home page has an Up-coming Events panel right on the top of the page, just below our new streaming button. If you’ve ever thought about volunteering for our all-volunteer community radio station now’s as good a time as ever. Have computer, audio and technical skills? We can find you work right away. We have events planned for just about every month through the rest of the year that will require help. And we will be looking for extra help this coming October for the big  Halloween Party and the Veneta Light Parade. Just go to our web site and leave us your contact info on the Contact Us page.

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you to consider donating to the station. With the changes we are looking at over the next two years we need your support more than ever. Go to our web site and select Give to KOCF and be a supporter!

That’s it for now. Did I mention we are moving to (oh thank heaven-92.7FM)

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