Gratitude is the focus of my writing. As I think back over the year I can’t help but to be grateful. First, I’m grateful for having gotten another ride around the sun. Never really knowing my D.O.P.E. score (days on planet earth) none of ever do, I find more and more grace in my life and in the simple things like hanging with my granddaughters, my children or an evening meal with the hole family.

I want to give thanks to our task force members who gave both their time and monies to get the station operational. Michael JamesLong had the vision and organizational strength to keep us moving in spite of numerous obstacles, thanks again Michael. MouseMan and Heather, Paxton, Jim, Peggy, Robert, Jennifer, Alan, Jay, and Joe all were critical to getting the station going, thank you. “Dare, dream, dance, smile, and sing loudly! And have faith that love is an unstoppable force! Suzanne Brockman”

During 2017 much of work that went into building 92.5 KOCF is finally being recognized for the good things we do for the Fern Ridge Community, and the Oregon Country Fair. I want to thank the leadership we have at the Fair, both with the management team, Crystalyn and Shane and the staff, and with the Board of Directors. The Fair is an incredibly complex organization. Having had the privilege of working with these fine, caring, dedicated and talented folks enhances my life. Thank you.

The volunteers of 92.5 KOCF are the heart of this radio station. They keep it on the air 24x7x365. My Programing Team (THE DREAM TEAM), Andy, Randy, and Wally give you the fine sounds and messages you hear every day. It is this steadfast dedication that I am deeply touched by over and over again. Also the volunteers that show up to help us put on our programs, fundraisers, parades and auctions are held in the highest esteem. They all do their work while having to put up with me. Thank you.

Finally, I’d like to thank our dedicated donors. This year our donors have given the station over $3,100. It is one third of our annual income. Without this income we could not stay on the air. Thank You.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to ask you to join this ever growing group of dedicated supporters. Please take a moment and send KOCF a check, PO Box 923, Veneta, OR 97487. Any amount is fine $20, $50, $100, $500. I use these amount not randomly but because these amounts where given to the station by a donor this year. The best gift would be to become a regular donor and send a monthly amount of $10 or $20.  $10 a month (2 fancy cups of coffee) would go a long way to keeping KOCF on the air.

Thank You!

Dean Middleton

92.5 KOCF-FM

Station Manager



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