Howdy folks!

It’s been a little while, hope that this finds you warm and well. Fall and harvest season is one of my favorite times of the year – soups, sweaters, pumpkin patches, and a feeling like a bit of a slower pace after the frenetic energy of summer.
As usual, there’s plenty going on around KOCF to talk about! First and foremost, I want to again thank Andy Goldfinger for his years of work as Program Director with KOCF, and for everything he’s contributed in that time. So much gratitude!
That brings us right to the next important item. I’m excited to announce that Allen Mullen has agreed to step into the role of Program Director! Allen will be working with Andy, myself and others around the station over the next several months, and will take over officially from Andy on the first of the new year. 
A little more about Allen for those of you who may not have met him yet. Allen’s  experience with radio goes back to his grandparent’s house in southern Missouri in the 1960s where the local radio station would mix music, birth and death announcements, farm reports, and even musicians playing live in the studio in the early mornings.   Allen helped found a community radio station, KKFI-FM in Kansas City Missouri, serving first as Treasurer and then as Vice President for Programming on the board of directors over two years leading up to the radio station going on-air.  He and a team of volunteers canvassed the community on library steps and at street fairs and festivals as they attracted dozens of potential programmers representing the rich African-American, Hispanic, LGBTQ, labor movement, and other communities not well represented on radio.  
Allen produced various programs with KKFI, including an environmental news program, a folk show featuring local musicians playing in the studio, and a program that blended cowpunk, alternative country and roots music.  After moving to Lawrence, Kansas, Allen hosted a Saturday morning folk show on the college radio station, KJHK.
Allen has always been a supporter of community radio in the many places he has lived and been involved in the music and rabble-rousing communities.  He and his family have made their home in the Fern Ridge area going on 2 decades, where he is involved in activities at 3 local Grange Halls and writes and plays music at small concerts, various open mics and an ongoing campfire song session that he hosts, as well as producing his radio show, Swervin’ In My Lane, and the KOCF Community Calendar alongside Laura Beebe.  Allen retired a few years ago after 38 years as a librarian and library worker, a significant portion of which was spent supporting the technology needs and aspirations of rural libraries serving communities across the country.
I look forward to this next chapter for KOCF. Speaking of which, we’re almost to the end of the year, but we’re not done yet!  We unfortunately had to make the determination to cancel our Halloween party this year, but before we close out the year, there are three events that I want to put on your collective radar.
First up – our third and final pledge drive of the year will run from 11/26-12/5. I’ll be sending out another email with more details on that in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to get that on everyone’s calendars.
Shortly after the pledge drive, we have the annual Fern Ridge Light Parade! We don’t have official dates for this yet, but if tradition holds, it will be the weekend of 12/11. Every year, KOCF gets together to decorate a float for the parade, and heads out to join the community for this fun and festive event. Laura Coulter-Beebe will be coordinating this event again this year, so stay tuned for more info!
Finally, we’re hoping to have a covid-safe holiday party for our KOCF volunteers. More info to come as we explore the feasibility, it’d be great to see everyone.
Speaking of volunteers, we could use a few more! Our most pressing areas of need right now are folks that can help with scheduling programming in RadioBoss, and folks that can help out with our underwriting process. Spread the word if you know anyone who might like to get involved! We also have an immediate need for a one-day project, moving equipment from storage in one place (thank you Heather!) to a new storage location (thank you Crystalyn, Shane and OCF!). We have several 100-lb racks, and a handful of other heavy/unwieldy items such as media consoles. Please let me know if you’d be available to help out with this.
In other news, KOCF’s first ever compilation album is almost here! Everything is finally all sorted out, and the CD has gone to press. We should have them in hand in a week or two. The CD features 12 local bands from a broad variety of genres. Our own Funky James produced the artwork for the album. Andy will be working with some of the bands to see if we can do some on-air interviewing, and to get some of their other music into our library, so keep an ear out for that. I’ll be working with Crystalyn at the OCF office to see if we can get the CD listed on the OCF merch website, and I’ll keep everyone posted on how to get a copy if you’re interested. 
Ok, there’s always more to say, but I think that’s probably enough out of me for now. I want to thank all of you for your continued support of KOCF, as a community radio station, it really does take a village, and we couldn’t do it without you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about these or other things, stay warm and well, and hope to see you all soon.

Sean Cummins

KOCF Station Manager

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