The Oregon Country Fair enters the Holiday Light Parade each year. However this year because of the weather they had to pull out at the last minute. So KOCF represented both the Fair  and the Radio Station laura_floatdesignerthis year at the annual Fern Ridge Chamber of Commerce Holiday Light Parade. KOCF created a giant Boom Box on wheels towing a mobile studio. It was cold It was wet and it was a gas and we blasted out holiday music through a very robust PA system. Fun was had by all. We won most creative in the parade! See our float designer Laura Bebe’s photo just to the right here.

During the great ice storm of 2016 the Veneta area and the Fire Station lost power for a little over eight hours. I got a call that we were of the air and started to trouble shoot. Found out the area was without power. I called the Fire Station and was told they where operating on a back up generator. When I told them that the radio station was off the air Julie put me through to the Asst. Chief. He indicated that they had intended to have the radio station on back-up power and was going to find out the problem. The fire department considers the work the station does a priority and will add us to the backup circuits soon.

We’ve been on the air for a little over 18 months now. With more than a dozen original programs produced each week our programming lineup is strong. Wally Bowen our Program Director keeps this incredibly creative group of DJs hopping. And we hope to bring several new programs on the air this year.  Life In the Key of Song by Shelley Sarfati. “Sakti”, her Fair Family name has episode one on her editor currently. Some of you may know Sakti of the Radar Angels. She’s going to be interviewing persons of interest about their “music of their youth” and play that music threaded in between segments of the interview. Also as previously mentioned we’ll be playing “Live music from the Oregon Country Fair. It will run Saturday evenings at 7:30pm. Finally, I’m hoping to have a program created by our Native American Community. It’s too early to be specific.

We are working on creating another successful auction this year. We have set the date Saturday, March 18, 6-9PM. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. It will be held at the Deep Woods Events Center, 89980 Territorial Hwy. This stunning new venue that will host 300 guest. Please support your Oregon Country Fair radio station 92.5 KOCF and donate to this year’s Auction. Contact me 541-543-7625 or email We’d love to see more art from our Fern Ridge Community this year. The art that was donated last year was one of the primary reasons for our success. Also a big seller were the gift certificates for goods and services. So please donate art, goods and services, antiques, collectables and cash to the 92.5 KOCF Auction.

Running a radio station is a lot of work. We have an incredible group of folks that donate their time week in and week out. I can’t thank them enough. With the upcoming auction we have a need for more volunteers so if you are interested please contact Howard McCartney, He will talk with you about your interest and find a place to plug you in.

One of my reasons for doing this important work is to help the Fern Ridge community solidify an identity. An important part of that work is to be able to pass on important timely communications to the community. I had a request that saddened and frustrated me this week because we could not respond in a timely manner. The request was to announce that the community warming centers for the homeless would be open. Without a studio, responding to announcements of this type is difficult and cumbersome. I passed it onto one of our hosts that had a show coming up and if the school had been in session we might have gotten the word out during the high school programming but due to the snow and ice they have been idle. We have to step up our game and find a home for the KOCF studio this year! If you know of a space that might work for a radio studio please contact me or reach out to the station though our contact page.

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