Manager’s Corner April ‘17

Tough winter, had that 10-day flew thing going around also got my cataracts removed and a new set of lenses for my eyes it’s good to see clearly. Still need glasses for close up work like reading and writing this article. I’m crafting most of this report from the Round Valley Library, Mendocino County, California, heart of the green triangle. The sun is shining and signs of Spring are everywhere. I’m seeing pick up trucks carrying pallets of soil back for the garden. In this part of the country it’s time to get the grow spots cleaned up and ready for planting.

The roof of this library has the antenna for KYBU, Round Valley’s Community Radio. The station is in a small building 15’x20’ next door. Friend Rio and his wife used to run a coffee shop from the same building. KYBU has a larger coverage area (more power) than KOCF but they reach about the same number of folks. They’ve been on the AIR for about 4 years. So I really watch how they are doing things. They also use an automation system to keep the station running. They do have a studio but only a few folks do live shows. They have a community pot luck to get the community more involved. I like that idea and will explore it with our Development Group.

I’d like to report that we are getting our new studio tuned up and ready to move into but it’s alas it’s not happening. A few months back we had heard we were going to get a grant from the REX foundation, but at the last minute we were told it had been torpedoed and our studio equipment funding fell through. (Anyone out there with about $5k or a recording studio filled with equipment they want to donate please contact me right away!) So we continue to operate from our remotely controlled equipment rack in Lane Fire Authority radio room. We are very grateful to the Fire Authority, it’s clear that Chief Terry Nay has vision and understands how important it is to the the Fern Ridge Community to have its own radio station. If you are close into the downtown Veneta/Elmira area and you have a small space, about 300-500 square feet that you would like to donate to the radio station for free or a couple dollars a year please let me know right away,

The community came out and supported our second annual auction, thank you, thank you, thank you! My friend Marshall says we can’t thank folks to many times. Thanks Marshall for all you do! We tried a couple of things that were different from last year’s event and it had a negative impact on our bottom line. I think we learned from it. We’ll probably add live music and alcohol back into the show next year. We didn’t this year. We raised about 2/3rd of what we budgeted. That income loss means we need to find it somewhere else. I noticed KYBU has more than one underwriter these days so that tells me their community is listening to and supporting the station. We have to work on our underwriting. I spoke to Bruce who is a friend of KYBU and he said the community supports the station kind of like a they would support a little league team or high school sports.  We’ve had a number of local businesses ask about underwriting. I think it’s time we build a system and start selling. Hopefully we can offset auction income loss with a combination of underwriting and other fundraising.

We will have an opportunity to talk to about 40 of the local Fern Ridge Business at the first annual Local Business Showcase! The event will highlight over 40 business exhibitors, showing the wide variety of products, businesses, and services available in the Fern Ridge community. The Showcase will feature, artisan and craft products, delicious food & beverages and other entertainment. So hopefully we can offer our air time out to the local businesses in the Fern Ridge Area. It’s on Saturday, April 29th 1-6PM at the Deep Woods Event Center, 89980 Territorial Hwy, Elmira. KOCF will be broadcasting Live from the event!

We are talking with the Oregon Country Fair staff about what our presence will look like at this year’s event. Crystalyn and Shane have been great to work with. The Fair is fortunate to have these two talented people working as the co-managers. If you make it to this year’s Fair I hope you can drop by our booth over by the Hoarse Choral Stage and say hello.

That’s about it for now.

Dean Middleton, KOCF Manager


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