Manager’s Corner September 5, 2017

It’s been way too long since I updated this web page. A lot has happened since my April update.

Most notably would be the Oregon Country Fair.  We recorded performances at the Hoarse Corral stage all three days of the Fair and delayed those performances until 9PM that same evening then played them back uninterrupted. We are also planning to use the recorded materials in a program called “Live at the Oregon Country Fair” currently airing Saturdays at 7:30PM.  We hope to expand the show to an hour in the near future. Did I mention that this is the first time 92.5 KOCF-FM had a booth at the Fair? It was good to let the folks that attend the Fair know that KOCF is on the Air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.


I spent some time down in Mendocino County about a month ago, and traveled up though Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. As you would expect I search the radio dial for community stations. As I did I discovered that most of the small community stations are very connected to the cannabis culture in their area. Maybe that’s because the cannabis culture has been in the area for so many years that it’s time for it to come out into the open. For me wrapping my mind around the legal cannabis culture is very difficult. In the 80’s I had very close friends go to jail because they got caught growing. They had property that the DA could connect to the growing operation seized and never returned. It was devastating to their family and all our friends. But as Bob Dylan says “the times they are a change-in.” This year at the Oregon State Fair marijuana plants where on display. So what does that have to do with 92.5 KOCF. We’re not sure. You don’t have to go out of your way to notice that there are a lot of retail stores sprouting up all over the place. There must be customers or they wouldn’t stay in business. Recently the State of Oregon declared they have to send out a “kicker” because they underestimated the budget income by more that 2%. I’ve heard part of that is because the State has received a lot of taxes from these stores popping up everywhere. We want to be your community radio station. But quite frankly we don’t know who you are? Would you be offended if we started running programing content that discussed the cannabis industry? What if some of the local shops started underwriting our programs, would you keep listening? Is this the direction you what your radio station to go? We need to hear from you. On our web site there is a page for feed back. It’s called Contact Us. Drop us a line and tell us what’s on your mind.


Also recently I attended the Winnemem Wintu tribe’s annual Fire and Water ceremony. Something my wife and I have done annually for the last 10 or 12 years. The Winnemem are a salmon people. They believe they have been placed on the earth to speak for the salmon.  In addition to the dancing activities in the evenings on Saturday there is a salmon ceremony in the Three Falls area on the McCloud river. It has been said to me that these activities have been happening in this spot for several millennia or more. And yet the federal government refuses to acknowledge these people. In 1851 the Feds secured an agreement with the tribe but failed to get it ratified. In 1915 the Feds again secured land for members of the tribe in what was called allotments at the time, most of which strangely enough ended up on lands know to be in danger of inundation by the rising waters of Shasta Dam. The list of offences to these people by our government keeps getting longer. I personally have witnessed the govt. interfering with tribal ceremony. Chief Caleen Sisk Franko says the Fire and Water Ceremony is a dream she had that helps the world come into balance. Fire is out of control. Water is swallowing up the land. She reminds us that Indigenous peoples across the globe recognize this imbalance and are doing similar ceremonies a praying for balance to return. We have lots of praying to do.


Finally, I want to talk a bit about the stations organizational structure. Myself and Wally Bowen have been taking care of the stations programming since we first got started a little over two years ago. Little by little this job has been growing in scope and hours needed to accomplish everything. It was beginning to weigh on both of us. As of a couple of weeks ago we made some changes. We have a new Program Director, Andy Goldfinger, host of Music Gumbo. Andy has been in and around the radio business for the last 20 years. His vast experience is going to be an incredible asset for the station. Also added to our programming team is Randy Painter, host of Radio Archive. He’s our new Operations Director. Randy has been running operation for Lane TV for the last 15 years.  And Wally Bowen, host of What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been and The KOCF Music Hour is going to continue on as our Music Director. Wally’s steadfast diligence has kept KOCF running smoothly these last couple of years. Thank you Wally! Dividing this work into three positions will allow the station to become more sophisticated in it music schedule and programming line up. It will also allow us to add a more purposeful promotion schedule. We hope to begin internal promotions of all our programming, allowing our listeners to make more informed decisions on what the listen to and when they listen. Stay tuned!

Dean Middleton

92.5 KOCF-FM

Station Manager



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