Where can I listen to the KOCF radio broadcast?
In the Veneta, Elmira, Crow, Noti, Alvador, Goldson, Cheshire, Junction City, Coberg, and Eugene areas of Lane County, Oregon, at 92.7 FM, and the rest of the world at KOCF.ORG select streaming.
We hope to also offer live broadcast streaming over the
internet in the future.

Who owns the station?
The Oregon Country Fair is the FCC license-holder of KOCF radio. The antenna and transmitter are located at the Lane Fire Authority station in Veneta, OR.

Who is going to run the station?
The station manager is Dean Middleton. He works with three groups made up of a variety of local volunteers; Operations, Programming and Development. Please come and join us!

What is the station going to play?
This is a work in progress! Content will depend on what people are excited about.

Who decides what content goes out over the air?
All content of broadcast programming will be supervised and vetted by the program director, Andy Goldfinger.

Where will the studio be?
Someday. Do you have a space you’d like to donate? Contact the Station Manager.

Does anyone still listen to the radio?
Yes, quite a few people … search Google for statistics.

How can I help? Get involved with _______?
The station is currently in need of a volunteer coordinator and a space for a studio, among other things.

Volunteers can contact KOCF at the link below or us the form at the “Contact Us” page.
Click Here to Email Us

Listen LIVE to 92.7 KOCF FM Fern Ridge Community Radio: