Job Title: News Director -Volunteer Position-

Department: News

Reports To: Station Manager

Prepared Date: February 19, 2020



The KOCF News Department is an area of development for the station. Part of the station’s mission is to enhance the educational purpose and the outreach of the Oregon Country Fair by broadcasting relevant programming to the local community. One way in which KOCF endeavors to meet this mission is by developing a News Department, which will bring the news of the day to the OCF, Fern Ridge, and Eugene/Springfield community. The first step is finding our News Director. The News Director will fulfill all roles of the News Department until additional news volunteers are brought on board.

The News Director (ND) leads and manages the planning, production and presentation of news. The ND supervises any news department staff. The ND reports to the KOCF Station Manager and works in cooperation with station leadership and staff to support the station mission. The ND has responsibility and understanding of news planning, reporting, editing and production. The ND helps define and maintain ethical, editorial, artistic and technical standards for broadcast news programs. The ND assists with news programming decisions and news operations. The ND, as the station’s top news authority, is responsible for the journalistic integrity of all station activities and platforms.



Editorial Planning, Scheduling, Editing

The ND directs the activities of the news staff to develop story ideas, track issues and events, select reporters for coverage, schedule stories for publication, and schedule time for interviewing, writing and editing. The ND serves as a primary editor to ensure news reports are produced in an effective, timely and responsible manner. The ND acts as a proactive liaison to various internal and external constituencies to advance the station’s news programming. These may include the station programming and operations and development staffs. These may also include other appropriate organizations.

Reporting, Anchoring

The ND is part of the news team and contributes content on a regular basis. The ND may need to anchor newscasts, host talk programs, appear as a program guest, and produce various spots, features, special programs, web content, etc.

Administration of Personnel, Budget, Technology

The ND helps set goals and monitor performance of news personnel. Personnel management includes working with KOCF Volunteer Coordinator around recruitment and “hiring”. The ND manages any news department budget — including annual planning, monthly monitoring and routine handling. The ND helps maintain equipment and information systems vital to news planning, newsgathering, news production and news presentation.

Community Relations and Support

The ND seeks opportunities to promote public contact to help ascertain public needs, build community engagement and bolster station success. The ND participates in station events and fundraising activities as appropriate.


The ND adheres to deadlines and makes timely and effective decisions in situations requiring prompt attention. The ND is the primary leader during station crisis response.


A degree in journalism is preferred. Minimum three years’ experience in journalism preferred. Familiarity with public media news programming standards and values. Successful candidate will possess broad knowledge of local and regional issues (Fern Ridge, Eugene/Springfield, Willamette Valley, Oregon). Must have ability to work within a live program environment. Must have experience in broadcast production, web content, news writing and news editing. Must possess effective communication and interpersonal skills. Preferred skills include on-line research, multimedia production, word and spreadsheet processing and operation of light office equipment. Must have excellent memory for details, be able to meet daily deadlines under potentially stressful conditions and deal effectively with multiple competing tasks.


Position will remain open until filled.

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