KOCF is a community radio station serving the Fern Ridge Communities of Elmira, Veneta, Noti, Alvadore, Coburg, Junction City, Crow, and parts of West Eugene on 92.5 FM. We also stream all of our programming 24/7 at kocf.org for the rest of the planet.

The coverage area is seen in the map to the left and the surrounding areas within our broadcast range. We also stream our signal, kocf.org. So anyone can listen to KOCF from anywhere in the world that has access to the internet. We hope you enjoy our programming service.

The station is a part of the Oregon Country Fair. The Fair has a long history of community service and provides substantial support on multiple projects in the Fern Ridge Community through the many philanthropic endeavors of the Fair.

Along with news, weather, local events and community emergency announcements KOCF is your community radio station.

So tune in!

We appreciate your input, so please send us your requests or comments or information about events to our email at info@kocf.org or go to our website www.kocf.org and select contact us.

Or mail your donation to KOCF Radio, P.O. Box 923, Veneta, OR  97487
Please make checks out to Oregon Country Fair – KOCF Radio
ALL donations are fully tax deductible as the funds will be recorded as donations to the Oregon Country Fair (a federally recognized non-profit) – but restricted to the operation of KOCF Radio.
Listen LIVE to 92.5 KOCF FM Fern Ridge Community Radio: